BATTLE presale

* Better/more pictures will be uploaded soon.
* More technical information will be added regurlarly.

Although it almost looks like a regular dj mixer it is not! I designed it with a different goal in mind. I am adoring the concept of patching in an  eurorack setup on itself and the idea for the BATTLE is more based on the freedom of patching and creativity inside a rack than it is based on DJ-ing. So instead of a vinyl with drumloops I am more thinking about a patch on one side and a record for scratching on the other side... or a sampleslicer or wathever you imagine of course... that's the fun of modulars.


* 2 mono channel audio inputs
* CV controllable crossfader
* Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)
* CV controllable BASS/TREBLE eq
* CV output from the crossfader
* Gate outputs detected from crossfader
* Adjustable crossfader curve
* FX loop on both channels


* goldplated RCA inputs
* PHONO/LINE select
* RIAA equalization
* GND connection
* MONO and STEREO output on modular level

As you would probably expect, the name comes from the scratch hiphop scene battle mixers.
When I play live I love to bring a little fisherprice record player and sample some scratching... I am a big fan of turntablism, the more I am focussed on this technique the more I realize that most of the music I listen to has some scratching sounds or turntablism on the background and I love how some mad genius can play the recordplayer as an instrument. Although I suck in scratching, I just love the idea to integrate that feeling of using a crossfader and a turntable as a kind of voice. So I designed the battle with that in mind. 

* Note that the modules in the pictures have homebrewed frontpanels. The frontpanels will be high quality manufaured by REPOS in Dokkum in The Netherlands.
This is the factory which makes all my aluminium frontpanels.


The BATTLE standard comes with a high quality BOURNS carbon fader. If you are a real fader wrecker and love just the best quality faders, you can choose for the PROFADER option which is a gliding rails conductive fader only used in proffesional studio equipment and last forever.

Assembled modules

DIY kits

Pre-orders will be shipped after all parts are collected. As delivery from the factories will take some weeks I expect to start shipping mid December.