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Directly insert your record player into your eurorack setup.
The phono amp stage is equiped with RIAA equalization.
The module is build with high quality, low-noise opamps and the famous WIMA caps.

Building manual PHONO PREAMP
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MODIFICATION for your PHONO PREAMP (first batch)
You can make the hono preamp sound more crispy by removing the 4 "680pF WIMA" caps, C5/C6/C7/C8.
In the later kits C5,C6,C7 and C8 are replaced by 100pF WIMA caps (type: FKP2D001001D00JO00) and C9 and C10 are replaced by 0.01uF WIMA caps (type: MKS2C021001A00KC00).
Together they form the treble cut needed for the RIAA equalization while C11 and C8 deal with the low frequency recovery.

Mod Phono Preamp (first batch)
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