Here I sell sometimes gear from my own collection. There is always just one available and if it is sold it will not be available again.
The items are sold without an invoice. If you need an invoice there will be 21% VAT added to the price.
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Suzuki EX-80
Module released as an expansion of the Italian synthesizer SIEL DK-80 technically slimmed-down, but keeping same synthesis structure.
The Siel DK-80 is an odd synth that could be said to bridge the gap between low end mid-eighties Roland and Sequential type synthesizers. It is an analog synth with digital control. Parameters are edited one at a time and via membrane push buttons and all parameters are realtime edited via MIDI-CC.
It is used by Eat Static

The Korg Monotribe is an all-analog synth, sequencer, and drum machine. The unit features the sequencing functions of its Electribe predecessors. The oscillator is bright, raspy, and buzzy. The filter growls, gurgles, and howls; and the sequencer is a blast to play with.
And although this unit has not been used a lot and still is in excelent condition, the monotribe urges to be hacked and is a perfect basis for some proper modding...