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The GRAINS is one of the easiest modules to make and it is fun!

You can upload different codes on the GRAINS. They all result in having a complete different module in just a few minutes.
Here is a .zip file with most of the codes you would probably want to try.

Zip V 2 Codes 1219
Archive – 822.5 KB 606 downloads

Creating your own codes is not that hard if you have some experience in coding. The easiest way is to open a few codes from the .zip file and play around with them.
To make a code from scratch you need to know the following basic information about the hardware:

  • input 1 is routed via P1 to pin A2
  • input 2 is routed via P2 to pin A1
  • input 3 is routed directly to pin A3
  • P3 is routed to pin A0
  • the output is a filtered PWM from pin D11

All analog pins can be fed with 0-5V CV signal. The inputs on the GRAINS are protected by clamping diodes.

Most codes are using real synthesis techniques but one of the fun things to do with the GRAINS is to make your own samples/samplebank
I am creating a simple to follow step by step manual on how to do this. Keep an eye on this part of the website.
* The audio data needs to be unsigned, 8-bit, 8000 Hz, and small enough * to fit in flash.

The arduino NANO in the kit is provided with a CH340 ic and to communicate with your computer you need to install a driver. In this link you can find the drivers:

building manual v2-6 not programmed
PDF – 275.1 KB 1605 downloads