Oscillator based on west coast synthesis


The first code written for the GRAINS, an FOF synthesis oscillator


Kick drum based on the 909 with some tweaks


A cut up amen break


Let your GRAINS count like a Speak&math


An oscillator based a waveshaped triangle


Crazy lo-fi drums based on the Casio RZ1


A hoover sound oscillator to bring you back to the 90's


A sample used in many classics, your GRAINS will say FRESH!


A famous rap sample to mangle into crazy glitch-hop


A wavetable oscillator

Arduino code upload manual
PDF – 407,4 KB 1782 downloads

You can upload different codes on the GRAINS. They all result in having a complete different module in just a few minutes.
Download the .zip files you want and open them in the Arduino ide
To upload from the Arduino ide to your GRAINS you need to install the CH340 driver (see below) and make sure to select Arduino Nano (old bootloader) and the right COM port in the software.

Creating your own codes is not that hard if you have some experience in coding. The easiest way is to open a few codes from the .zip file and play around with them.
To make a code from scratch you need to know the following basic information about the hardware:

  • input 1 is routed via P1 to pin A2
  • input 2 is routed via P2 to pin A1
  • input 3 is routed directly to pin A3
  • P3 is routed to pin A0
  • the output is a filtered PWM from pin D11

All analog pins can be fed with 0-5V CV signal. The inputs on the GRAINS are protected by clamping diodes.

The arduino NANO in the kit is provided with a CH340 ic and to communicate with your computer you need to install a driver. In this link you can find the drivers: https://sparks.gogo.co.nz/ch340.html