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This is the first small batch of assembled SEEDS2! The SEEDS2 is not officially released yet.
The assembling of this first batch is done to create a building manual and tells me what to move around on the PCB to make assembling asier. This means that these first modules will be available far before the real release and you will be the first to have this module in your rack!

The SEEDS2 is a powerfull 8 bit synth voice that gives you a lot of different sounds in a small package! 
The sounds range from razor sharp FM basslines to commodore style bleebs and from soft flutes to nasty noises.

If you want /need more information about the SEEDS2 go to my personal facebook page ( and scroll down for some snippets of video's I shot during testing. More detailed video's and a manual will be available when the module is officially released.

The SEEDS2 is a highly upgraded version of the SEEDS.
There are many new new sounds.
The interface has more knobs to control your sounds and all have their own CV input.
The MOD control is upgraded with a cv attenuator.
The filter section is upgraded and has its own modulation input.
The output stage has been redesigned and has a smoother sound.

-- there may be easter eggs for you to discover too... --