TEPHRA diode compressor


€333,00 (ex VAT)
LIMITED EDITION (only 130pcs in total available)
The TEPHRA diode compressor is an handmade limited edition compressor module in a total number available of 130pcs. There will be only 10 available each month and first shipping is in October.

The TEPHRA is a diode bridge based compressor for eurorack with a novel circuitry and a classic sound! The compressor is not a clone of any compressor in the world and is build around an unique schematic which is designed with countless hours of trial and error and many hours of finetuning. This schematic was designed for the MAGMA compressor but further expanded and tweaked for the TEPHRA. The diode bridge compression gives it an unique character. There are many different ways to shape the sound with the TEPHRA, it can be set smooth as a master compressor, it can pump aggressively, it can bring extra warmth or smash everything with a rounded distortion. The controls on the frontpanel will give you control over every little detail in your sound.

+12V: 39mA
-12V: 33mA

TEPHRA User Manual PDF
PDF – 1,5 MB 683 downloads