VCSQ2 (assembled)


This is not your standard sequencer!

What is the VCSQ2? The VCSQ2 is a complex sequencer module for non linear sequencing. It is made as an add-on for the TTLFO but also works really good with any other cv source like an ADSR.

The VCSQ2 works as an voltage adressed sequencer with several added functions like CV controllable Start point and Play length. And a CV input for offset to use the sequencer like an Arpeggiator or to make even more complex sequences by routing a second sequencer to this input.
There are two play modes available on the module which are actually a little hard to explain by text. The two modes makes the sequencer doing different calculations with the chosen Play length in comparison to the full Play length of 8 steps. In mode 1 the sequencer will play the same step length of each step like they would be if it was playing 8 steps but repeats the steps till it played 8 steps. In mode 2 the step length will change accordingly to the chosen play length. This means that the steps will be longer if the Play length is shorter.

Overall the VCSQ2 makes a great tool for a new way of sequencing on a nonlinear way.


4 CV inputs

  • CV input for step select
  • CV input for offset
  • CV input for Start point
  • CV input for Play length

4 outputs

  • CV output (adjustable per step)
  • gate output (selectable per step)
  • trigger output (linked to the gate output and selectable per step)
  • pulse output (gives a pulse out on every step change)