SAMPLESLICER MKII limited black edition

Sold out

Get ready for the black Sampleslicer! There are only 38 DIY kits available, these are the only black panel Sampleslicer DIY kits ever available and these are even the last Sampleslicer MKII DIY kits ever available!!! This is the end of an iconic GINKOSYNTHESE product!!! The Sampleslicer MKI became reality 7 years ago in 2014 with a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter, the MKII was released in 2018 and I shipped quite some DIY kits and assembled Sampleslicers all over the world... but now there comes an end to the production of this wonderful live playing orientated sampler...

I will not stay still and lets see what the future brings in terms of live sampling!

The last batch of DIY Sampleslicers is heading to THONK, so if you always wanted to grab one of these kits one day, do it now and keep a close eye on the website of THONK!!!!!