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The SEEDS is a complex powerful 8 bit oscillator and can be used as a complete synthvoice. Based on different synthese concepts stored in presets.
The SEEDS is a flasback to the nineties

You might notice some 90's popular music influences.
There are two reasons for that. First of all; those sounds are a natural match for the rather modest (8 bit, 16MHz) Atmel chip on the Arduino Nano we're using. That music was made using digital synthesizers using the processors available at the time, and those had to make the most of the chips available at the time, which were quite comparable to the Nano. The second reason is that those sounds are a lot of fun. Once that link became clear it became more a of a guiding principle than a potential problem; it seems more sensible to lean into such links than it is to resist them.

Although the SEEDS comes with the latest firmware installed you might want to do a possible future update or create your own firmware

To install the firmware on your SEEDS you need the Arduino IDE installed on your computer and install the CH340 driver to communicate with the Adruino Nano.
The latest Adruino IDE can be downloaded from the Arduino websit
The CH340 driver can be found here:

The firmware will be updated regularly so you might want to keep an eye on it to get fresh sounds in your SEEDS every now and than.

Last firmware update on 12-02-2020

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