This firmware adds better timing to the first serie of SAMPLESLICERs and the option to do a calibration to prevent clicks on transitions between slices.

Firmware update for SAMPLESLICER mkI
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To update your module you need an SPI/JTAG programmer.
Use the following command line:
atprogram.exe -t avrdragon -v -i isp -cl 125000 -d atmega2561 program -f \"{elfFilePath}\" -c --verify -fl -fs -lb

To do the calibration power on your modular while holding down the sample button for about 30 seconds. When the clock led lights up release the sample button and there is a sequence running.
Restart your modular one more time and your SAMPLESLICER is now calibrated.

To change the pitch mode you have to power on the modular while holding down the sample button and turn the pitch knob. you will scroll through the first 4 LEDs, these are the 4 different pitch modes.

If you are not able to flash the module yourself you can contact me. I will ask for shipping costs to ship your module back plus €15,-.