Wooden Case DIY Kit

Wooden Case DIY Kit

A new round of presale is open from now (till May 4 2018)
orders will be processed from May 4 and will be shipped in the 3th week of May.
Orders outside this period will be processed in the next round.

This case comes as a DIY kit. It is easy to put together, you only need some wood glue and you are done. It is a great case for the studio without any extra work but it really shines with some paintwork!

The kit contains panels, rails (+ fixation bolts) and nuts or threaded strips.

The case is114HP wide and is available with 1 up to 6 rows.

The panels are made out of MDF, which is an engineerd type of wood and is easy to paint or varnish. This wood is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

From now on you can also choose threaded strips instead of gliding nuts for quicker assembly.

(The birch plywood version is not available anymore. Unfortunately the quality of this natural material was not always consistent enough.)

Also available: M3×6 screws per 200


1 row (3U)

Width = 600mm
Depth = 134mm
Height = 72mm

2 row (6U)
Width = 600mm
Depth = 309mm
Height = 238mm

3 row (9U)
Width = 600mm
Depth = 306mm
Height = 378mm

4 row (12U)
Width = 600mm
Depth = 306mm
Height = 508mm

5 row (15U)
Width = 600mm
Depth = 306mm
Height = 654mm

6 row (18U)
Width = 600mm
Depth = 306mm
Height = 780mm

1 row

2 rows

3 rows

4 rows

5 rows

6 rows

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