Voltage Controlled Sequencer

Voltage Controlled Sequencer

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Technical info

Module width
Module depth
Power use (+12V)
Power use (-12V)

A voltage controlled sequencer to fit next to your favorite Tap Tempo LFO.

This module transforms an incoming cv signal into a sequence. Every voltage step of 0.625V gives a next step on the sequencer. It is internally connected by the TTLFO through a wire. Playing with the knobs on the TTLFO gives nice changes in the sequence. Of course you can use any 0-5V cv signal. Also try a ADSR and see what happens! The sequencer outputs gate signals of 5V. The Voltage Controlled Sequencer is available now!


These LEDs show the active gate output


These outputs put out 5V gate signals


This input accepts 0V-5V cv signals

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Voltage Controlled Sequencer

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