TTLFO upgrade chip

TTLFO upgrade chip

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There is an upgrade for the Tap Tempo LFO. This chip is specially designed for use with the TTLFO and is only available through this website.

What’s different?

The tap tempo speed of the original TTLFO was limited to a little less than 1 cycle per 4 seconds and with the multiplier at ½  to 1 cycle per 8 seconds max. The new chip will push the maximum cycle time up to 1 cycle per 30 seconds!
As if only a longer cycle time wasn’t enough the upgrade chip makes better use of the cv inputs. Now it is a lot more fun to modulate the TTLFO with cv signals!

* This chip is dedicated to upgrade the Ginkosynthese TTLFO and may not fully work in other tap tempo modules which make use of the original Electric Druid Tap tempo LFO chip.


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TTLFO upgrade chip

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