TOOL (DIY kit)

TOOL (DIY kit)


What is the TOOL? it is the next step for the GRAINS, where the GRAINS was designed to be an audio source, the TOOL is made for CV signals (but can generate 12 bit audio as well).


  • 2 programmable CV inputs with attenuator
  • 2 programmable pushbuttons
  • 2 programmable LEDs
  • trigger/gate input
  • CV/audio output

Many CV options like:

  • AD generator
  • retriggerable LFO
  • Quantizer
  • clock divider
  • sample and hold
  • sequencer
  • bitcrusher
  • audio freeze

and many more!

_          _–__–__-____–___–_–_-     -_     _—-___-_–_               –_–_-_  __—_____–___-___-_
__-_–_             __–_           -_–___-_–___–_-_–__–_–__—__–_—-       ___—__—_-___-__
Here are the first codes for the TOOL (more are coming):
Here is the first box with handy tools made by Kassen to fill your TOOL: __Toolbox__

__ another code made by Kassen, it is a wonderful sounding karplus-strong oscillator for making plucked sounds.

Let Kassen free in the kitchen and wonderfull things come out! He made a sample pack of kitchen sounds for a code called __kitchen__This might be one of my favourite codes for the TOOL so far!
__    —  _ _–__-__              __–___–_–_–__—-___-       _–_–_      –_-        _    __—____      _–___-_   __-_
__-_–_   __–_-_–      ___   -_–  ___–_-_            –__–_–__—__–_—-___—__—_        -_  __-__

The included Arduino can be updated in the standard Arduino environment. Make sure to install the driver to make sure your Arduino will be detected:
Mac OSX 32 + 64 bit
Windows 32 + 64 bit

How to upload a code in the arduino environment

Some MAC users came across some difficulties. Here is how to upload your code on a MAC (we have tested it on a MAC running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6)

Also check this PDF where the most important info is copied:
How to install the driver on a MAC

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