TOOL (DIY kit) presale

TOOL (DIY kit) presale

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TOOL presale!

The TOOL is ready for production! And there is already a list of really cool functions for it.

What is the TOOL? it is the next step for the GRAINS, where the GRAINS was designed to be an audio source, the TOOL is made for CV signals (but can generate 12 bit audio as well).


  • 2 programmable CV inputs with attenuator
  • 2 programmable pushbuttons
  • 2 programmable LEDs
  • trigger/gate input
  • CV/audio output

Many CV options like:

  • AD generator
  • retriggerable LFO
  • Quantizer
  • clock divider
  • sample and hold
  • sequencer
  • bitcrusher
  • audio freeze
  • and many more!

Order now

As the production now starts after a period of testing the TOOL is now ready for presale. The shipping will start in about 4 weeks.

TOOL (DIY kit) presale


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