The Stradivarifuzz is a revolutionary new fuzzbox, based upon two separate, independent fuzz circuits. Both circuits are fine-tuned with some exclusive tweaks to create a full, rich, and warm sound.



Turn clockwise for a more agressive fuzz sound.

Volume 1

Having set your 'gain', use 'volume' to level your output volume. (You may use this control to set the output volume to the same level as the input level.)


To bypass the first part of the fuzz, turn 'blend' counter clockwise. If 'blend' is turned to zero, gain and volume pots described above will not influence the sound. The fuzz effect will increase when the 'blend' knob is turned clockwise.


Here you will discover a new dimension in fuzz sounds. Underneath this knob lays a smooth tubelike sounding dirt circuit. With both 'blend' and 'dirt' turned up in full, you will get a sonic mayhem... but don’t be afraid: this one is easy to tame!


This switch is a true bypass switch for the whole effect.


Indicates if the effect is on.


Tweaks the sound from a heavy bass to a thin high-passed tone.

Volume 2

Another a volume pot the level the input volume and the output volume if desired.

Apart from the two fuzz circuits there are 2 filter sections. One filter is dedicated to tame the first fuzz mayhem and to give this part of the Stradivarifuzz a smooth warm sound; the other filter section is fully adjustable and works as an equalizer for the overall sound.

Both fuzz compartments have a dry/wet control to make the Stradivarifuzz even more tweakable – and easy to work with!

Tip no. 1

With the input volume set to very low, and all other knobs turned to max, the fuzz will sound extremely crunchy. If your input signal comes from an sustained instrument, your sound will resemble something like low incoming helicopters during a heavy thunderstorm. Try the tone control in this setting, too!

Tip no. 2

To bypass the effect you can use the 'fuzz' switch. However, by turning 'blend' and 'dirt' fully counter clockwise, 'tone' and 'volume' will still influence the sound although the fuzz is bypassed.

Tip no. 3

To get more dirt from the dirt part, lower the first 'volume' and turn 'blend' and 'dirt' to max.

Not for sale

The Stradivarifuzz is currently not in production, but might be in the future.