Sampleslicer MKII DIY kit (PRESALE)

Sampleslicer MKII DIY kit (PRESALE)

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presale. I start shipping after enough modules are sold to finish the batch.

After a long time redesigning the sampleslicer it is finally there! I will make several small batches of 100 kits in the next months. Most of these kits will be sold via Thonk and Modular Addict but I will keep some here on my website when they are available.

In what points is the MK2 upgraded:
– no audible noisefloor
– auto calibrating which prevents clicks
– tighter timing
– higher input gain for external audio
– an input gain potentiometer
– a button to change pitchmode on the fly
– an extra cv input for modulating the clock divider/multiplier
– better caps in the audio path
– all through hole (except of the atmel chip)

When no kits are available here you can still find the building instructions here (see “manual”)

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Sampleslicer MKII DIY kit (PRESALE)

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