Sampleslicer (DIY kit)

Sampleslicer (DIY kit)

Technical info

Module width
Module depth
Power use (+12V)
Power use (-12V)

For a sampleslicer DIY kit go to the presale on my website.

This is the kit version of the earlier Sampleslicer. The new DIY kit is completely through hole and has some updates in the design

This kit is easy to build, but is not suitable as first soldering project. Some parts don’t have much space to for clumsy soldering. You need a soldering iron with a small pencil point and a good cutter. But don’t let this scare you off as all SMD parts are already in its place and you don’t have to do any programming.

For information about the module see Sampleslicer.
Sampleslicer DIY kit

Out of stock

Due to the high shipping costs outside Europe from the Netherlands, I will not take orders from outside Europe. If you live outside Europe and want to get some modules from me please contact modular addict.