Grains (DIY kit)

Grains (DIY kit)

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Technical info

Module width
Module depth
Power use (+12V)


This complete and easy-to-build DIY kit is one of the cheapest ways to get a voltage controlled oscillator in your modular and sounds completely different than all other oscillators! It can do minimalistic clicks and plops, screaming leads, fat basslines, weird noises or chiptunes.

This is a DIY kit
The kit includes:
all electronic parts
Knobs and jacksockets

How it works
The sound is a PWM output routed via a low-pass filter and a 10uF capacitor – so no external DAC is required. The low-pass filter on the PCB can be bypassed if you want. Bypassing the filter provides more clarity and a slightly louder output but more artifacts in the sound. There are several codes available here on my website but the codes are highly customizable and I will upload user codes for the Grains from time to time. (Please do share your own customized code with me via email if you like:

PCB version 2 is shipped from 25-06-2015. There has been a change in the way cv input 3 is processed. All earlier codes can be changed to work with V2 and backwards, look for the analogRead (0) in the code and add an extra input for analogRead (3). You can play around with the way they influence each other.
For people who want to dive deeper in coding and want to write a lookup table for 1V/oct tracking, here is how: code doc.

Interesting codes to upload in your Grains:

  • Grains V1 PCB v1 (basic code for PCB v1)
  • Grains V2 PCB v2 (basic code for PCB v2)
  • Fresh PCB v1 (user code By Rob Bothof)
  • KALLE STRAM PCB v1 (user code by Kalle Govertz H. Christensen)
  • Patternrain V1 PCB v1 (user code by JGB; input 3 is a clock input, bypass cap C6 to get best result)
  • Patternrain V2 PCB v2 (user code by JGB; input 3 is a clock input, bypass cap C6 to get best result)
  • Grainsring V1 PCB v1 (user code by JGB; input 3 is a clock input, bypass cap C6 to get best result)
  • Grainsring V2 PCB v2 (user code by JGB; input 3 is a clock input, bypass cap C6 to get best result)
  • RZ-1 drums V1 PCB v1 (user code by JGB; input 2 is trigger input)
  • RZ-1 drums V2 PCB v2 (user code by JGB; input 3 is trigger input)
  • RZ-1 drums V2.2 PCB v2 (updated user code by JGB; input 3 is trigger input)
  • Wave V1 PCB v1 (user code by JGB)
  • Wave V2 PCB v2 (user code by JGB)
  • Cereals V1 PCB v1 (user code by HRTL)
  • Cereals V2 PCB v2 (user code by HRTL)
  • falafel-raps-changed-v2 PCB v2 (user code by Falafular)
  • Euro PWM saw with NOISE PCB v2 (user code by Kassen)
  • PWM saw with VCA/VCF PCB v2 (user code by Kassen)
  • Framen (Amen break) PCB v2 (user code by Robert)
  • Talko Counter PCB v2 (user code by Jean-Luc)
  • Tri-sync PCB v2 (user code by Kassen)
  • Resonance-like feedback (coming soon)
  • Short-wave radio-like warbles and whistles (coming soon)

The included Arduino can be updated in the standard Arduino environment. Make sure to install the driver to make sure your Arduino will be detected:
Mac OSX 32 + 64 bit
Windows 32 + 64 bit

How to upload a code in the arduino environment

Some MAC users came across some difficulties. Here is how to upload your code on a MAC (we have tested it on a MAC running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6)

Also check this PDF where the most important info is copied:
How to install the driver on a MAC

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Due to the high shipping costs outside Europe from the Netherlands, I will not take orders from outside Europe. If you live outside Europe and want to get some modules from me please contact modular addict.

Grains (DIY kit)

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